The Meat Makes the Meal

Kinikin Craft Butchers & Processing is a destination for meat-eaters who crave clean, sustainable, Colorado-raised meat. Located in Montrose, Colorado, you can shop our craft butcher shop, custom processing, and wholesale meat products – or stop in for a savory sandwich onsite!

Butcher Shop

Colorado-raised, premium cut meats


Domestic and wild game processing

Corporate Gifting

The tastiest gift you can give


gourmet sandwiches and specials

Restaurants & Wholesale

Premium, Colorado-raised meat at a price you can count on.

Your customers deserve the most out of their meat. Kinikin Craft Butchers & Processing proudly partners with ranchers and breeders in the lush mountains and pastures of Colorado to deliver quality, sustainable products at a reasonable price to restaurants across the U.S. Find out if we deliver to your area!


Sarah Catherall .

Had two very helpful and friendly ladies greet us the second we walked in! We had never been there, and she helped tell my dad everything they had and even went to get products from the back for him. Very reasonable prices! And most of the meats looked drool-worthy.

Andy Lightbody .

Just took delivery of a half-cow that they butchered and processed for me. Best processing and packaging job that I have ever had!!! Outstanding work 👌

Tommyray Sampley .

Went here several months ago when Covid-19 first hit and my wife and I couldn't find much in the way of meat in the big box stores...and never looked back! We fell in love with their meats and have consistently bought our meat from this place...Ribeye, pork chops, roast...melt in your mouth! And the staff are about as friendly as any local corner market...small town, welcome feel to the place... Definitely 5-star service and product!

Gary Hubbell .

This is a great place for meat processing. They did a great job on cutting and wrapping pork, but they did an even better job of smoking the ham and hocks. Superb! They always have a nice selection of beautiful steaks, and the place is sparkling clean and well done.

Reese Janet .

Great place for fresh specialty meats like lamb. The staff is friendly and accommodating. I got lamb for stew which was fresh, tender and delicious. A nice butcher met my request for two pounds of braising lamb, cut to order. Interesting place to visit, as they do taxidermy and elk meat processing for hunters.

Mike Kelly .

We have had our 1/2 beef processed at Kinikin meats for at least 5yrs now and have been very pleased with the results, I am not a farmer or a butcher and they take the time to make sure we get exactly what we want. I give them five stars wishing there were 10.