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Zach and Jennifer Prock are the owners of Kinikin Processing, LLC. We started this business in 2003 and haven’t looked back.

Originally, Kinikin Processing, LLC offered custom processing of beef, pork, lamb and wild game.  Since moving to our new location in the town Montrose, we have expanded our offerings and now not only provide USDA and custom meat processing, but we also sell individual valley raised cuts of meat, cured and smoked meats along with deli sandwiches and jerkies and we have a full bar!

Our lobby has a rustic lodge feel that is reminiscent of walking into a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop, but with meat!  We have a full viewing window, where customers can actually watch how animals are processed.  We want everyone to see how clean and sanitized

the process is so that they know we are doing everything in our power to give them an awesome product.

We have a couple of products that vying for most popular.  On the fresh meat counter end, our Valley Raised Rib-Eyes are hard to beat.  Each steak has been raised by a local producer, fresh and never frozen and cut just a little thicker.   A close second are our Bacon Burgers.  We take valley raised ground burger and grind in bacon creating a mouthwatering burger.  On the sandwich end, we would have to recommend the jalapeño Popper Panini.  We take a hoagie bun and spread cream cheese along both sides, and top with cheddar cheese, bacon and jalapeños.  We then toast it up to the perfect temperature.  We really are the best place to eat lunch while picking out your dinner too!

Our favorite part of the business continues to be our employees.  We opened our original processing shop on the top of Kinikin Hill over fifteen years ago and discovered immediately that good employees make everything worthwhile.  We have a fantastic crew that continues to expand.  We originally started with five employees and since have expanded to 25 full-time employees with a handful of part-time employees too.  The processing business is not always the most glamorous profession; it requires dedication and hard work.  Our employees continually go above and beyond to make sure each customer is served in a warm and friendly manner and more importantly, walk-away with their entire animal.  We depend on them to keep the wheels turning.

Our fresh meat counter and sandwich shop are unlike anything else in the community.  You can walk-in and purchase a sandwich, a single steak or half a pig.  We pride ourselves in our valley raised selections and putting great meat on your plate every night.